Everso… squawk!

How about this?  It’s a bird box, for those of you who haven’t quite woken up yet.  I’m a bit of a fan of barking little caravans (and campers) and this appeals to my hidden hippy.  I’m not entirely sure if I can live with the paint job, or if I’ll custom paint it, but here is where you can get it from while I’m deciding.

It’s incredibly inexpensive and it has a little magnetic door on the front so you can, err, spy on the birdies and stuff (if that’s your thing).

2 thoughts

  1. This is freakin great! Not only can I have a pretty sweet little caravan hanging from a tree in my garden, but I’ll have the chance to play landlord to little pikey critters as well! On a related note.. That totally IS my thing!

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