All About Bird Boxes

I was told off after my last post for putting ‘too many words’ in it.  My daughter, Sasha, apparently already has enough words and doesn’t need anymore.  She couldn’t be bothered to read it but she did look at the pictures and say, ‘hmm, flowers’.  I’d like to say this one’s for you, Sasha, and make it an almost word-free post… not very likely though, huh.  I’m not going to worry too much about it too much though because as soon as she sees it’s about bird boxes she’s going to find something less barking to do.

So, bird boxes… I’m here to share my knowledge with you all.  Everything you ever wanted to know about bird boxes.  For those of you who need a reminder, here’s a selection of mine for your perusal.

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And now this one (thank you, J x)



So yeah, I know a thing or two about bird boxes.  Here’s some stuff I know:

  • The total number of birds which have used my bird/nesting boxes over the past two years = zero
  • The average number of birds nesting in each box over a one year period = none birds
  • The breed of bird most likely to make use of my boxes is the no birds at all
  • Birds apparently do not enjoy my nesting boxes
  • Birds apparently do not appreciate the amount of time I spend faffing around with my boxes
  • Native wild bird species currently ignoring my boxes and laying their precious baby egg things in a stick bed on a wobbly branch include Robins, Finches, Wrens and Sparrows
  • Birds are made nervous by nesting boxes shaped like gypsy caravans
  • Birds like brown

There you go, Sasha, that’s an education right there!


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