Three months in flowers…

I am one of life’s flower lovers.  I wouldn’t take it quite as far as to marry a rose, however gorgeous, or set up a love nest with even the most handsome of lilies, but I do love them.  I will buy them from the supermarket, the side of the road (I freakin LOVE side-of-the-road flowers – such an unexpected bonus), the market or anywhere else it is possible to buy flowers.  I don’t ever spend silly money on them and I do have my floral standards, which rarely accommodate garage ‘bouquets’.  What the hell though, any flowers can look lovely, with a bit of encouragement.

All that said, there are very few things more just lovely than not having to buy them at all because they’re right there outside your door.  The snowdrops made it into flower by my birthday at the end of January, bless their snowy little hearts, which is exactly as it should be.  Their presence also compensated in part for the devastating lack of actual snow (and snow days) in this country this winter.


That delightful little two-handled bone china cup, incidentally, was a junk shop find, as was the sweet little glass below.  Not entirely sure what the glass is for… port, perhaps?  In any case, it’s definitely not designed for a heavy drinker – the perfect wine glass for me, AJS?

After the snowdrops came the violets – in abundance!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many violets.  Maybe I’ve never looked so hard for violets before.  Or maybe I’m in violet country this year.  Violet street.  Something like that.  Anyway, they’ve been (and still are being) perfect.  There’s something even sweeter about having to work for your arrangements, and having to work to SEE your arrangements, this one being about three inches tall in total.


March brought tiny, vibrant red tulips,  in striking contrast to the deep purples of the grape hyacinths and the fresh green of whatever that green stuff is.  I genuinely have no idea what it’s called but it’s brilliant.


Can’t wait for the bluebells!

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  1. The green stuff is Euphorbia and I need to train you in the art of wine drinking if we are to continue as friends! You did well the other night though! x

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