I have no idea. Seriously.

I have been very busy recently and some of that time, at least, has been devoted to wildly impressive creativity and interesting stuff.  I swear.  Trouble is, I just can’t seem to remember any of it.  I have some vague recollections of taking quite good photos, renovating some furniture pretty well, sewing erm… things.  I’ve even written … things… I think.  Yes, it has been an impressive time.

So now we’ve established that, we can get on with the business of posting a picture of one of the things I’ve wanted for a very long time.



This precise van – the colour, the model, everything.

Now, having spent quite a lot of years yearning for this, I have also spent quite a lot of years learning about it.  Here are some things I know:

They are entirely and ridiculously impractical; top speed of around 40mph, stuff drops off them while you’re going along and costs a lot to put back on, the engines are impossible to work on , they are tiny, and so on.

I learned to drive in an old Beetle, and I remember well my stepfather’s delight at having to perform even routine maintenance on that.  I remember well the speed, grace and power of the Beetle.  Not.  And having spent a week’s road trip in a big American RV, I can’t actually imagine how it’s physically possible for more than one person live in such a small space for more than an hour without wanting to punch their beloved travelling companions right through the dinky little side windows.

Yes, I know all this.  Oh, and they are insanely overpriced.  I recently saw a really old splitty (oh yes, I know the language) sell on Ebay for £7000.  Not too bad, you say?  Not too good, considering it had no engine, no gearbox, no steering system, no exhaust system, no interior (at all) and very little exterior.  Seriously, it had rusted from the ground up so badly that you could see all that was left of its poor, rotting undercarriage.  It did have wheels though, and, more importantly, it had a split screen and that lovely little V at the front and its VW badge.  £7000.  Yup.

So yes, I know all this but I still want one.  Inexplicable but true.  We have been saving up loose change in a campervan moneybox for several years now and a recent count up revealed that we have almost gathered enough to buy a hub cap.  On the basis of this slightly devastating news, I have recently made the decision to set my sights a little lower (for the moment) and to go for one of these:


Funnily enough, they are still overpriced and reasonably impractical but this is only right and proper and any VW bus enthusiast worth their salt would expect nothing less.

So I’m on the lookout and, with a bit of luck, you may see us throwing each other out of the side windows in a campsite near you sometime soon.x

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