I feel compelled to share the content of some of the comments I have recently received on my blog posts.  I can’t actually post all of them, for reasons of common decency, and mostly it doesn’t matter which of my posts they were intended for as they generally bear absolutely no relation to anything at all.  But I have enjoyed reading them.

I have learned quite a lot about the side effects of Viagra, from a troubled 40 year old bloke in a sharing mood.  Thanks for the heads up, Alice.

I’m thrilled to discover that Edward can continue his research as a result of my highly informative and educational posts.  His parents are, apparently, delighted.

Vedat predicts ‘numerous more pleasant periods up front’ for those reading my site.  Thank you, Vedat, makes me feel warm inside.

Anna is concerned about my interface and the possibility of the public might be able to see my personal listening habits.  I don’t know how you can see a listening habit but it’s good to know Anna is looking out for me.

Miki has moved to Texas and I can’t have his table.  I have no idea how to interpret this.

And others.  The devastating truth is that the spam is possibly more entertaining than the blog.



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