…and by far the hardest so far.  I’ve wanted a wing chair for a while.  The whole tartan/fireside thing is extremely appealing, but anything I’ve seen has been way beyond my extremely limited budget, so I decided to have a go making my own.  Amanda (of packed me off to Newark Antiques Fair with Sasha and, after one or two false starts, found the perfect candidate.

IMG_0584 chair


A lovely shape, solid hardwood frame, good legs.

I had to take Sasha with me because she has inherited my mother’s patience and level-headedness and prevented me from doing what I apparently ‘always’ do, which is rushing into buying the first thing I see, because I’m so impatient, and subsequently buying 3 or 4 more until I get it exactly right.  I like to think of it as practising, but apparently I’m fooling no-one.

So, 7 metres of fabric, 5 metres of batting, a block of foam, 10 metres of piping cord (the dog ate some), 500 tacks, 4 billion staples, all my fingernails, half a pint of blood and most of the skin on my fingers later, here it is!


The only unexpected expense was the seat cushion, which I hadn’t realised had totally perished and turned to dust inside its cover.  The biggest expense was the fabric, but even then, I had a ‘lucky day’ (rare) on Ebay, so it was nowhere near what it should have been.  The chair itself was next to nothing and I now understand that this is because you have to be a total masochist to undertake this kind of job on an amateur level (definition of amateur:  someone who doesn’t have the correct tools – in this case, a compressor staple gun – and is making it up as they go along – thanks Youtube).

I am extremely pleased with it.  I love the colours and, although at first I could see nothing but the little mistakes and a few problems I had along the way, I am now enjoying it in all its glory.  It helped when I had a look at some of the £1000+ chairs I had previously coveted and found that, upon close inspection, they are nowhere near as neat and pro-looking as mine.

No-one’s allowed to sit in it, obviously.




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  1. This is stunning, I love the fabric and it’s such a professional looking job. As usual I love the insights (Sasha) and the asides xx

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